Areas of Instruction

While course names do vary from college to college, our library covering nearly 50 common finance and accounting topics is certain to assist you throughout or at various points during the semester.


Finance literally touches every part of today's business and most companies expect new hires to have at least a conceptual understanding of the topic. We have worked to develop courses that reinforce the fundamentals of finance through the most advanced topics in the discipline. Let us help you grasp these challenging concepts.                                   

Financial Accounting

An understanding of financial accounting is imperative for any student interested in pursuing careers as an analyst, accountant, IT or any discipline requiring an understanding of how a company's financial numbers are derived. That is where we can help given our approach of underscoring the fundamentals.                                                     

Financial Management

Businesses seek out students who have an ability to process, create and interpret financial information. These skills grow increasing important through the interview process as you complete against others for scarce new roles. UR Professor courses align information across all these areas to expose students to the critical underlying interrelations of the topics.


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Present Value (PV)

 Future Value (FV)

Present Value of an Annuity (PV)

Future Value of an Annuity (FV)

Present Value of a Mixed Stream / Uneven Cash Flows

Future Value of a Mixed Stream / Uneven Cash Flows

The Income Statement

The Balance Sheet

The Statement of Cash Flows

Statement of Stockholders Equity

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Planning & Forecasting

Financial Ratios

Time Value of Money Basics

Risk & Return

Stock Valuation

Types of Businesses

Accounting for Financial Statements

Double Entry Accounting & Journals

Accruals & Adjusting Accounts

Cash and Credit Purchases

Returns, Allowances & Discounts

Inventory Accounting

Financial Decision Making

Freight Accounting

Financial Decision Making

Cash & Receivables

Cost of Fixed Assets

Fixed Asset Depreciation

Current Liabilities 

Long-Term Debt

Dividend Policy

Bond Valuation

Current Asset Management

Working Capital Management

The Cost of Capital

Managerial Costs & Analysis

Job Order Cost Accounting

Process Cost Accounting

Activity-Based Accounting

Cost, Volume & Profit Analysis

Capital Budgeting

Payback Period & Rate of Returns

Incremental Analysis

Product Pricing

Types of Budgets 

Flexible Budgets

Standard Costs 

Scorecards and Performance Evaluations