UR Professor was founded in 2016 and opened our doors the following year. The concept behind the company was to provide rich finance and accounting content to college students and casual learners at a cost similar to what tutors charge. What differentiates our offering is the approach in which we design the materials and the level of detail that we provide to ensure that strong fundamentals are reinforced in each lesson.

By approaching our materials from a new students perspective, our students are able to; overcome the negative impact of missing course lectures, poor text books and lackluster professors.



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We at UR Professor know that finding the best resource for helping you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer so many topics across multiple subjects.





Finance & Accounting

Robert W. Lund

From working as a graduate assistant at the Pennsylvania State University to opening his own equity research firm in 2001, Robert has been involved with education and finance for over 15 years. He made headlines as a lead equity research analyst in the 2000's for his deep research and analysis capabilities. Since leaving Wall Street, Robert has since developed hands-on experience with corporate senior executives in support of their reporting and analysis needs.

Robert's work with college students has been rewarded with exceptionally high student evaluation scores and top ratings in finance and financial accounting as recorded on RateMyProfessors.com.